Backgammon is a perfect blend of skill and sheer fun

The crowd is starting to grow in the corner of the tournament room. After a game of big swings I find myself holding three eight cubes on the last turn. Only one roll can save me now. Boxes. Big Twelve. Thirty six to one. Double sixes.

"I will bet anyone right now I roll double sixes for 30-1 odds."
Someone responds
"I'll give you 20-1."
"Really? How about 28-1."
"Not you. You are too lucky."
I shake the dice with all of my strength, drawing out every moment. I look around at the crowd and let the dice fly, without taking my eyes off the audience. I don't even neeed to look at the dice because the shouts were so loud everyone in the room looked over. I had rolled the impossible: 66.

For me, nothing compares to the excitement and action of backgammon. I loves games of all types. I have studied chess, poker, go, gin, spades and many more, but there is no game that balances the thrills, swings and utter engagement like backgammon. And it just keeps getting better. The more I study, the more I enjoy playing (probably because I win more).

Backgammon is like an onion, except that instead of burning your eyes you find diamonds with every layer you peel off. It is the only game I can play for three days straight and just be getting warmed up. I have been playing the game for years and after every month I feel like I knew nothing about the game a month ago. The depth and beauty of the game is astounding.

Backgammon has also taught me many things about life. We all get dealt bad dice in life sometimes, but the real test of a person is how they react to the bad rolls. Do they flip the board over and call their opponent a jerk or do they appreciate the enjoyment of the game and count their blessings? For me, the most important part of backgammon is being a good sport and I decided that if I were to play backgammon I would strive to be the best sport in the world (I still struggle with this occasionally, but I always make sure no one is around when I throw the nearest thing on my desk across the room.)

At the Backgammon Learning Center, we understand that our top priority is to help our students improve their game and also to see the gem that backgammon is. I like to say backgammon is the world's best kept secret.