Try your skills at this backgammon test
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Red to move 2-1

7/5 6/5: Making the five point is critical here. It will be very important for bearing off later and helpful if we manage to hit white and put him on the bar. Playing safe with 10/7 is too stiff and leaves us with more problems later on. 6/3* does not solve out problem of needing key inner board points.


Red to move 4-2

7/5* 5/1: Hitting here is mandatory. White is ahead in the race and we cannot let him escape. He has a 30% chance to hit us on the next roll, but even if he hits us on the ace point are many rolls that cause him to break his board at the same time. It is for this reason we do not leave the checker on the five point.


Red to move 6-4

20/14 20/16: At first glance this moves seems dangerous, but white is only going to hit if he can hit both checkers or hit and cover. Most of the time white will not hit. Red is ahead in the race and needs to get his back guys moving. Now is the best time to do it. Playing 13/7 13/9 is very bad because it destroys red's communication and leaves his back men stranded while at the same time giving white complete control of the outer board.